5 Tips to transform food packaging

Whether you have just started your restaurant business or run it for years, customising a food packaging box is what most of you struggle with. That’s why we put up 5 tips to transform food packaging in Malaysia. Check it out!

1. Practical food packaging for delivery and takeaway.

First of all, the design of food packaging depends on the food you are selling. Make it easy for the delivery agent and customer to carry and still keep food neat in place. No one likes to see food splashing around.

2. Look out for leakproof and microwavable feature.

Malaysian cuisine comes with much gravy such as sambal, curry and sauces. Leakproof food packaging keeps customer table clean by the time they finish it. Check with your supplier specifically to ensure it is certified to withstand microwave heat.

3. Be active on social media.

People don’t just buy products anymore, they buy the companies that make the products, the values they represent and what they stand for. Hence, get LIVE on social media twice a day to connect with fans.

4. Throw contests and celebrate festive seasons together.

Be a Malaysian! Celebrate all the festive seasons with customers proudly. Remember that having fun together is what friends do! Look for a fully customisable food packaging box with low minimum order quantity so you can frequently change designs for all occasions.

5. Create an MVP (Most Valuable Product) to get viral.

Ultimately, a long menu doesn’t mean great. It is worth finding out your MVP and put resources to market it. Your customers must know your unique selling point so they can help you spread it out. Turn the customers into an ambassador.

Is there a food lover who doesn’t get “WOW!” by a stylish and yummy food presentation?

“We truly believe that restaurants shouldn’t be a victim of ugly food packaging box due to the high barrier of entry for customised food packaging in Malaysia,” said Robert Tan, the Operation Director of Coffeeprint Malaysia who has strived to empower Malaysia SME to brand themselves with printing and customised products at lowest quantity since 2008.

Mak Cik Kiah’s restaurant is now able to customise paper food boxes for branding starting at a very low order quantity of 3,000pcs all thanks to Dabobox by Coffeeprint.

Lotte Chemical Titan coats for Dabobox!

Doing food delivery and takeaway? You’re not alone. 1 in 5 customers loses their appetite due to bad food packaging experience. Dabobox is a revolution for restaurant owners. It is the only customisable food packaging in Malaysia that starts with the lowest quantity of 3,000pcs, leak-proof design and microwavable feature. Start the brand makeover and shine like victory.

“We believe that customer experience from taste to presentation is our top priority. Our paper food box design for takeaway and delivery is much awesome with Dabobox. It allows us to personalise our food packaging to establish a connection with customers,” said SH Lee, the Managing Director of Waroeng Spesial Sambal Management Sdn Bhd.

Polyethylene (PE) inner coating is barefoot grade. It meets the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) criteria for food contact use as specified in 21 CFR 177.1520 (c) 2.1 & (c) 2.2.

Lotte Chemical Titan is a subsidiary of Lotte Chemical Corporation from Korea with a market valuation of approximately RM23.89 billion as at the date of this article.

Many restaurants have started to style up their food packaging with Dabobox to compete in food delivery and takeaway business. What are you waiting for? 

Dabobox comes in 4 sizes to suit you for any occasions and designs. It starts with merely RM0.30 per box and sold only on Coffeeprint website.

In summary, Dabobox offers Giant, Tiny, Tray and Burger for different restaurant food delivery and takeaway requirements. For illustration, Giant fits nicely for a whole chicken chop with rice and two side dishes. Tiny will fit your nasi lemak with a big drumstick easily. Restaurants use Dabobox Tray to reduce the staff to wash plates and eases customer self-service. Burger box comes without leakproof coating and only suitable for dry food.

Dabobox Giant
Dabobox Tiny
Dabobox Tray
Dabobox Burger

Watch a demo video here

Are you running a restaurant today or planned to start one? Be careful of the mistakes made by most of the restaurants. The biggest branding mistake that restaurant owners make is putting too little attention to food delivery and takeaway packaging.

Restaurant spends too much money on the dine-in ambience renovation. For high-end restaurants, it might be OK. For the rest, you should aim at high turnover, takeaway and food delivery experience with stylish paper food packaging box design to spur business growth. It is important to realise that consumers today are not born in 1970 any more. We have written an article on “how to run a successful restaurant after Covid-19.“.

Waroeng Spesial Sambal holds the food taste and customer experience as our top priority. Dabobox has enabled us to customise food packaging at low quantities to connect with your customers.

Waroeng Spesial Sambal Management Sdn Bhd


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