On 1 May 2020, the Malaysian Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin has announced that restaurants may reopen for dine-in customers starting from 4th May 2020. However, this is subject to additional health and safety measures required. National Security Council has provided Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) for the reopening of businesses including the eateries for the Conditional Movement Control Order (CMCO) period.

We are sure that every restaurant or cafe owners out there are as anxious as Pak Salleh! Quoting Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin example, Pak Salleh is allowed to reopen the restaurant premise on 4th May 2020. He is allowed to enter the premise to clean or sanitise the place and stock up before the reopening of the restaurant for dine-in customers.

Before you reopen your restaurant or cafe, make sure you follow the SOP set by the National Security Council summarised as follow. You may also download the official SOP document from the NSC Malaysia here.

1. Social distancing.

Social distancing for 2 metres away with notice on the table.

Ensure the tables are 2 metres away from each other over the conditional MCO period. This is critical to provide wide enough space for the worker to pass by and yet maintaining safe social distance with the customers.

Place a notice on the table to clearly inform the customer whether the table fit for 1, 2 or 3 pax of seating depending on the size of the table. Pak Salleh must decide on this matter.

Opt for table tent in this case! A table tent is actually cheap to use. Furthermore, it has good visibility especially when placed on the table. Other than telling a customer the seating arrangement, take this chance to inform special offers or other important messages to them.

2. Queuing line in front of the cashier.

Social distancing sticker line on floor to mark 1 metre or 6 feet apart in front of cashier counter.

The restaurant operator must draw a line minimum of 1-meter distance with each other for the guest queueing up to pay during the conditional MCO period.

Floor decal vinyl sticker is an extremely good fit for this requirement to keep the beauty of your restaurant. Not only we know the social distancing practice is going to last for a while, but it could also be the new norm in society. So, grab the opportunity to place nicely designed floor decal vinyl sticker here to market your restaurant messages. In addition to that, you can elicit people emotion – joy, hunger, happy and stay strong with this.

3. Provide hand sanitiser and use biodegradable disposable food packaging.

Dabobox paper food packaging box in Malaysia.

The restaurant must provide free hand sanitiser at the cashier counter and soap at all washing sink in the premise. Be prepared to stock up enough hand sanitiser. Also, ensure the staff take care of own hygiene from time to time. Ensure staff clean the table as soon as possible when customers leave.

Besides, it is also stated clearly in the SOP by the National Security Council to use biodegradable and disposable utensils or food packaging for the restaurant. Smart restaurant operators like Pak Salleh grab the opportunity to market your product with this “brand carrier”! #Dabobox by Coffeeprint will come in extremely handy in this situation offering box and tray in multiple sizes. All fully printable with your own design to get safe yet stylish.

4. Provide a face mask for staff.

Lady wearing reusable and washable cotton mask with antibacterial feature.

A restaurant MUST provide staff with a face mask and ensure they wear it all the time.

We admit that disposable surgical face mask is expensive to use in the long run as each person might change more than 2 in a single day. Moreover, it is also not environmentally friendly to dispose of much of that. Restaurant owners should also consider providing washable and reusable face mask to the staff. What makes it better? You can print your own brand on it now! Give it away to customers as a free gift to market your self effective.

5. Check body temperature.

All customers must undergo temperature checks at the entrance. It should be noted that the normal range of body temperature ranges around 36 to 38-degree celsius. Generally it is worth to recheck the temperature if it falls out of the range. Better be safe than be sorry. Besides, remember to take down the personal detail of each customer.

Judging from the current situation and announcement made by the Malaysia government, do you think business will go back to usual immediately after this? OF COURSE NOT!

Consumer behaviour will change. Hence, entrepreneurs or restaurant operators must be agile to adapt to the changes. There will be a new norm in society. The government has made these recommendations for food and beverage (F&B) for the new normal:

  • contactless ordering
  • contactless payment
  • encourage food delivery and takeaway
  • social distancing

Coffeeprint team has performed extensive research before writing this article to help F&B owners to move ahead of the curve. As a result we found that Storehub offers an extraordinary technology for contactless ordering and contactless payment. You may read more here.

Encouraging food delivery and takeaway to boost business.

Admit it. Not everyone will be happily going back to retail outlet even after the MCO is lifted completely. It will take time for people to overcome the dilemma. Furthermore, your restaurant will only have limited seats in order to practice social distancing!

Thus, it is undeniable that food delivery and takeaway is the only way to boost your business. In order to strive in food delivery and takeaway business, it is not an easy job considering your stiff competition in the market today.

So, it is very important for F&B business to offer:

 I.) Tamper-proof protection seal; and

II.) Stylish food packaging in Malaysia with the microwavable feature.

You know people do judge a book by its cover right?

Why do we recommend both of this?

 Tamper-proof protection seal

Firstly, have you ever buy a McDonald’s at the drive-through? Tell us if you have NOT sneaked a french fry in the car. Delivery riders are not immune to the smell of delicious bites too. They are human too. As food delivery has exploded in conjunction with the MCO and Covid-19 matter, it raises more concern in the society over the cleanliness and food safety. Hence, Coffeeprint strongly advises business owners to provide tamper-proof food delivery or takeaway to customers to uplift your image.

Tamper proof food packaging sealed with sticker.

For budget-savvy business owners, start small with stickers which are very economical to deploy to different packaging. It is versatile and widely applicable to the different material surface. There are many types of stickers such as mirrorkote, OPP, PP, synthetic, PVC and so on.

The benefits of using a sticker as tamper-proof seal:

  • Cheap
  • Start with low quantity
  • Branding
  • Versatile with different surface
  • Faster production time

Don’t make a mistake on selection by going for the cheapest option as you will suffer in the long run. Contact a Coffeeprint consultant today to seek professional 1 to 1 advice for your business need.

Stylish food packaging in Malaysia with the microwavable feature

Next for the advanced packaging player in town, you can’t go wrong with #Dabobox by Coffeeprint. #Dabobox is the most stylish paper food packaging box in Malaysia for food delivery and takeaway. Serious business owners looking to scale up the restaurant business should start considering #Dabobox as it will completely uplift your brand identity. Check out the food packaging of McDonald’s, KFC, Nandos, Din Tai Fung. The successful F&B chains are willing to invest in stylish brand packaging that brings out their image for a reason. Learn more on how to transform your food packaging here.

Dabobox season packaging.

The benefits of using #Dabobox:

  • Low minimum order starts at 3,000 boxes
  • Fully printable with own design
  • Premium branding
  • Leak-proof
  • Certified microwavable
  • 0% interest 12-months instalment (For Maybank credit card user)

The microwaveable feature makes it extremely useful for such a paper food packaging box. It comes with beauty without compromising the functionality. To protect our customers from bacterial infections, #Dabobox is able to withstand microwave heat to 120°C for 45 seconds.

A study published in the Avian Pathology journal, where an Avian Coronavirus called IBV was killed after being microwaved for 5 seconds. In 2003, The World Health Organization (WHO) commissioned a multi-laboratory study found that the SARS virus — a coronavirus — could be deactivated by heat. The study showed that 15 minutes at just a temperature of 56°C reduced the alive virus by 10,000 times. The hotter temperature, the faster the process.

Unlike a typical customised food packaging box in Malaysia, #Dabobox is an insane offering by Coffeeprint which starts at merely 3,000 boxes or just 33 boxes a day for 3 months. Just nice for any SME to start the branding journey. Coffeeprint lives up to its vision to provide printing and customisation to SME as chill as having a coffee.


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